001 The Basics!!!

Hi Viewers!

Welcome to the first lesson on economics! I hope you are as excited as I am, so let’s get started!

This video covers mostly basic mathematical skills on graph drawings and interpretations, which most of us should be well-versed in since our secondary school or high school education. There are also some concepts such as equilibrium, short run and long run which will be discussed!

Nothing deep in this video, just a little refresher for all of us who might have been academically inactive for a little while!


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  1. Heys… where can i get the mindmap for the intro that was in the video! 🙂 thnx in advance

  2. Scott MacGillivray says:

    This is a really helpful tutorial. Great job!

  3. Teddy says:

    Really awesome and helpful video! Thank you

  4. brenty says:

    these are such clear & helpful videos.. have started with the basics today but browsing shows me that Economics which was unpleasant to me all this while can get better and easy .
    thank you quickienomics .
    However are there any other tutorial websites for other subjects of UOL like Financial Management , Financial Reporting & Management Accounting ??
    Will highly appreciate a reply soon 😀 cheers

  5. Shintu says:

    A lot of effort goes into making these videos… and it really helps too… 😀 Thank you so much… GOD BLESS 😀