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Hi all!

There was a student who asked me a question which made me ponder much about myself and I would like to share with you what he asked as well as my reply. His question went something like this:


I just started my first year with SIM-UOL. And, of course, we are faced with the much dreaded introduction to economics mentioned so much by our seniors. I was wondering, what are the techniques that I should equip myself with when coming to tackling the UOL papers? From what I understand, econs is definitely not a subject to be memorized but it’s more about getting the concept right. So are there any avenues or additional sites you would recommend to reinforce concepts being taught in school. For me, economics is definitely a very new subject, would really appreciate if you could give some advice. THANK YOU!”

And here is my reply:

” Hello!

Thanks for your email and also please allow me to apologize for the late response!

I think you and I are quite similar because economics was also something very new to me! We both heard those rumors about how tough and unpredictable the exam papers can be and that only made things worse! I remembered that I was very intimidated and did not believe that I could cope.

However, I felt that these were just limiting beliefs and adopted a different mindset. I believed that if I developed a strong interest in the study of economics and constantly change my studying strategy, I would be able to do well in it! So, it is really just the mindset that we choose to adopt when studying intro to econs. Yes, a lot of people have been ranting about how tough it is but think about it, the only reason why they would do so is because they HEARD that it was tough and decided to carry on the tradition by telling themselves that it is indeed tough!

When we tell ourselves that something is tough and firmly believe in it, we will not do well in it because it is the unit’s fault that it is soooooooo tough! Shouldn’t it be our fault that we succumb to limiting beliefs, fail to attempt, or stick with the same studying strategy that does not work!? It’s only when we take full responsibility of studying intro to econs, we can excel in it.

When it comes to tackling the UOL papers, I would strongly recommend using standard procedure when answering your questions.

What I did was to:

  1. Operationalize the question by highlighting the important points and state my interpretation of the question
  2. State my assumptions and purpose of using whatever models/equations CLEARLY
  3. Working around my interpretation and assumptions for the question, structure your answer to be straight to the point
  4. Conclude by reminding the examiner about the interpretations, assumptions and of course, your answer

That is a general guide to how I feel intro to econs questions should be answered.

If you would like to go further, websites and videos on youtube from other producers are very useful in understanding the concepts. But if you’re looking for improvements in the way you tackle the exam paper, the recommended textbook written by Amos Witztum is definitely a good buy. You should also do past year papers which are downloadable on the VLE student portal. They come along with answers which are found in the examiner’s reports and commentaries. Study the notations that they use in the graphs.
I hope I have answered your questions. Here’s wishing you all the best in your studies!!! 🙂


I hope this post would:

  • Motivate you because it is only a limiting belief that Intro to Econs is a tough unit because it really isn’t.
  • Inspire you to attempt new study strategies and find out which one suits you the best! I strongly suggest using Mindmaps which you create by yourself, practicing past year exam papers and giving yourself mock test! Get a friend to time you and to make sure that you do not cheat! You can even do it together!
  • Show you an effective approach to answering the exam questions.
  • Introduce to you different avenues of learning economics the fun way! There are loads of videos on youtube regarding econs! Watching somebody teach using his/her voice and some visual aids such as drawing is always efficient learning!


Thank you! 🙂

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