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Dear all,


I received a very motivating email a few weeks back and I would love to share it with you guys. This gentleman has made a lot of great points in his email. When I read it, I was touched and I have never felt luckier to be able to work with people like him. This email shows a mindset that is an epitome of success just around the corner! He would like to keep himself anonymous but I am very sure he knows who he is. Congratulations on the great results, dude! Let’s kick more ass in the next academic year!


Enjoy the good read guys!


“Hi Gerald and Quickienomics!


I’m XXXXXX, a SIM-UOL Year 1 student who benefited from Quickienomics’ intro-to-econs(micro) workshop and from all the great videos that Quickienomics has provided for the UOL community. I just want to express my deepest gratitude to Quickienomics for all the hard efforts put in to help us and inspire students to develop their full potential to achieve their goals in SIM.


When I first came to SIM, the environment in school was filled with negativity and pessimism. Almost everyone I talked to felt being looked down upon as a second-rated university students, and they all believed their future will never be as bright compared to all their peers studying in local universities. Threads upon threads on forums such as hardware zone are just re-confirming and re-emphasizing that SIM is just a lousier, less-recognised institution for students who are rejected by the local universities; a place with social stigmatisation that deems their students to be less-smart, less-capable and will have absolute disadvantage when competing for jobs with those in the local university in the future. Even when students tried to justify that the UOL degree is actually challenging and may be on-par with local university’s degree, they were just condemned and mocked by others at being sour grapes and faking higher self-worth. Not surprisingly, I also had the same inferior-feeling the majority have in this ‘second-rated’ private university.


It was until one day when I stumbled upon Quickienomics and a post titled “What do you truly believe in?” and was greatly inspired and enlightened by the message the author was trying to bring across, especially on the part when he talked about giving a second chance to ourselves. Indeed, upon some time of thinking and self-reflection, I realised I was too narrow-minded. Why do I have to limit my future just because I wasn’t able to enter a local university? Why am I still wasting time wallowing in my self-pity and not do something to help myself grow stronger? After reading that inspiring post, I have a new transformation in my perception and begin to see SIM in a different light. Indeed, SIM is not a second-choice or a second-class institution where only rejected students go to, but it is a second chance for me to be equally or even more successful than my counterparts in the local university.


Recently, I just got back my UOL results. I scored an ‘A’ for ‘Intro to Econs’ and I got my first ‘first-class honors’ grade. Though I didn’t manage to meet my expectation of 6As for my result, (i got 4 A 2 B), but this result meant more than just the grades, it represents a hope and breakthrough and a testimony to myself and others that so long as I do not give up, I can always continue to work towards a brighter, greater future.


Thank You, Quickienomics! Thanks for helping me to give myself a second chance. I hope this effort to inspire more students will continue and I myself will want to do even better so as to be part of the examples of breakthrough to inspire students to hope and believe in their full potential despite being in SIM.


Looking forward for the macro-preparation course!”


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  1. Arek says:

    You have achieved a fantastic result. Congratulations! I wish You even better marks next Year! And never give up, there is no time in life for pessimism. Finish Your study at SIM-UOL and life surely will reward You in the future.
    P.S. I am looking forward for the macro-preparation course,too 😉

  2. mike says:

    I wouldn’t take any notice of stigma attached to any institutions who help with UOL courses. Given that some students study at lesser universities than SIM, even language institutes that none ever heard of, and some students like me don’t attend an institute at all, but we are all studying for a UOL degree/diploma. In the end the qualification you will receive will be much better recognized than the degrees earned by those who were mocking you years earlier. Congratulations on the great results.