“Instant Relief for your Academic Desires”

Has learning been taking too much of your time? Have you ever frowned over the thought of needing to organise your learning materials? Don’t you wish that ‘interactive learning’ is more of having help that is responsive than dealing with cold, hard animations? Ever wished that there was genuine help just nearby? You’ve come to the right place!

Quickienomics aims to provide quick, convenient and well-organized supplementary education to the University of London student population via an interactive internet platform so as to assist them in completing their degree education.

“Our beginnings”

It started out with a simple intention – to help our fellow friends studying in the SIM-UOL programme.

The first module that almost every freshman would have to take is Introduction to Economics. This is a tough course and we observed that students are faced with many challenges with learning in terms of grasping the materials and preparing for the examinations. And this is only the start!

Rather than taking this situation for granted, we decided to understand and make a difference. Inspired by the London School of Economics’s motto ‘rerum cognoscere causas’ which means to know the causes of things, we decided to play our part to help people to understand. And we hope that in turn, people could be empowered through knowledge, to enjoy an enhanced and fruitful learning experience and be undeterred by any challenges to come.

Currently, we provide quick academic dosages for Introduction to Economics, as well as helpful responses to any related questions, and advices on the UOL programme. We hope to extend this scope to other UOL modules as time goes on.

“A short note of thanks”

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