Dedicated to all subscribers, the Quickienomics Challenge!

Dear Viewers,

When Quickienomics first started off as a source of help to fellow students, we weren’t quite ready to receive such overwhelming response that we are receiving today. Over the year, we have steadily increased our subscribers count and we have currently 355 from YouTube, 298 from our website and 189 likes from Facebook.

Though these numbers may seem minute, it means a lot to us. It goes to show that there are dedicated people out there who want to improve themselves academically, mentally and continue to push their limits to greater heights. In effort to congratulate and encourage you, Quickienomics has come up with a challenge!

First! Get your friends and schoolmates to subscribe to our website, then like us on Facebook! Next, post a comment on how you have benefitted with Quickienomics ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE, best comment by the end of 5th May 2012 gets a signed copy of the life changing book, “Winning the Game of Life” by Adam Khoo! This is a worldwide challenge and everyone can participate! The book will be mailed to you!

Well, we chose Adam Khoo’s book because it has been our source of motivation for studying or personal development and we want to share the knowledge we’ve gained with all our viewers and subscribers! So take action NOW and join in the Quickienomics Subscriber’s Challenge! Remember, best comment on how you benefitted from Quickienomics wins!

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