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Feeling all excited and nervous, you arrive for your first introduction to economics lecture all ready to learn and excel! The first few weeks were good and you understood the concepts with ease! Amazing! Maybe your seniors were wrong after all, this is an easy subject!

But then something happened and every lecture seemed to be a drag because you realize that economics is getting tougher! Your subject guide totally makes no sense at all! You have so many questions and doubts but your friends are unable to answer you! There’s only one lecturer and you barely have the time to wait for your turn to seek help! There’s only a few more months left to the final exams and you’re worried!

If the above reminds you of yourself, DO NOT DESPAIR!
I’m sure you’re reading this because you are a subscriber of Quickienomics.com and I believe that Quickienomics has helped you in many ways when it comes to intro to economics.

I also believe that if you have benefited from the video tutorials, write-ups and mindmaps, you will DEFINITELY benefit MUCH MORE from LIVE WORKSHOP developed by Quickienomics!

Quickienomics has reached out to at least 51,000 students around the world with a vast majority of our viewers coming from USA, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and even the United Kingdom!

At the EMPOWERING INTRO-ECONS workshops, you will be learning powerful strategies to improve the way you study, change the way you look at economics, and most importantly, gain the CONFIDENCE to step into the exam hall!

Some of the TESTED & PROVEN techniques you will learn at the POWER-PACKED 6-HOURS workshop include:
• The 7-Step Exam Success Approach to create your own model answer!
• The 4 Criteria for Selecting Value Exam Questions to maximize your marks!
• Make intimidating exam questions look SUPER FRIENDLY!
• EASY ways to determine which curves shift, rotate or move!
• And many more!

Oh yes, of course we will be having breaks in between! ALSO, there will coffee and tea provided for you totally on QUICKIENOMICS!

You will participate in simple, easy-to-understand and fun activities and exercises to master the key concepts for introduction to economics!

Here are the topics covered for the Micro-Econs Workshop:
-Making constraint equations useful
-Tackling unexpected exam questions
• Consumer Theory
-Manipulating the budget line
-Substitution and Income effects explained
-Complements, gross substitutes, normal, inferior, giffen goods and how to differentiate them
-Using the budget equation with the concept of price elasticity of demand
-Income in kind explained and when to use it
• Behavior of the firm
-Deriving AC and MC
-Determining how the cost curves move when variable/fixed costs change
-Understanding unit tax and subsidy
-Explaining efficiency using the isocost and isoquont
-Drawing total, average and marginal cost curves for long and short run
• Market Structures
-Average VS Marginal Revenue
-Summation of Demand Curves
-Price Discrimination
-Price Elasticity of Demand
-Monopolistic power in market structures
-Perfect competition
-Monopolistic competition
• Labor Economics
-Choice between labor and leisure
-Backward bending labor supply curve

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And you know what? We want to reward you for taking the decisive step in achieving your desired results! During the workshop, you will stand an equal chance to win ATTRACTIVE prizes for active participation! (Check our facebook page for an updated list of attractive prizes!)
So, do you want to remain in the dark and worry about economics all day long? Or do you want to step into the exam hall with the confidence that you need? I’m very sure that you would prefer the latter.

Don’t wait! Sign up now by clicking on the respective dates you would prefer to attend this 5-hour EMPOWERING INTRO-ECONS WORKSHOP: MICRO-ECONS!

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*This workshop will be held at AKLTG TRAINING CENTRE, 10 HOE CHIANG ROAD, KEPPEL TOWERS, #01-05 S(089315)
Everyday, we work hard for our parents, teachers, friends and everybody around us. It is now time to spend 6 hours doing something for ourselves!

On behalf of Quickienomics.com, I would like to thank you for expressing interest in our workshop because I am sure by reading this, you are sincere about achieving ACADEMIC SUCCESS for yourself!

Oh yes, just one more thing…

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