Here’s why Quickienomics’ Viewers should have a HAPPY HOLIDAY!

christmas-money-treeDear  Success-Achiever-To-Be,

Allow me to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! This is the time we relief ourselves from the books, lecture notes, assignments, algebra, alien language and have some real fun! At Quickienomics, we believe that the harder we work, the harder we should play!

As we approach the holidays, let’s talk about something totally non-related to economics or studies for that matter: Sharing!

That was one of the exact reasons why I started Quickienomics! I wanted to share with UOL students around the world about what I’ve found out about Intro to Econs! And up to date, Quickienomics has managed to reach out to about 23,000 people around the world; half of our awesome viewers come from SINGAPORE! This may sound cool, but I didn’t do it alone.

There was a bunch of people who helped spread the word about Quickienomics. They SHARED what we had. And these people are, you guessed it, YOU! As founder and co-owner of, I would like to thank you for playing such a huge and crucial role in our success. Without you, we would probably still be stuck in my room creating videos that nobody would probably watch.

Here’s 3 good reasons why UOL students will benefit from Quickienomics:

  • Informal and simplified video lectures that can be replayed again and again and again and again. You never have to worry about your lecturer teaching too fast, or having the sudden urge to take a dump in the toilet
  • I’ve been in your shoes as a student and you bet I know exactly how you feel. We don’t just tell you to work hard but we motivate you to do so with our lively and regular posts with lighthearted and humorous learning aids.
  • Future growth! Quickienomics is expected to expand its operations into other subject areas, units and even services! As a pioneer supporter of Quickienomics, you will be the first to know of such value-added functions and benefit from them!


With that, have a zippy 2011 and look to a rejuvenating 2012!

“What is shared from your heart alone, would win the hearts of others to your own!”




Yours sincerely,
GT for Quickienomics

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