How do we make studying fun for UOL Students?

Have you ever felt that your lectures are long and boring? Ever wished that classes could be more fun and engaging? You must be thinking to yourself, “Heck, I’m better off playing games at home.”

Speaking of games, we are introducing Gamification into the all-new Quickienomics Online Learning Experience! That’s right. We want you to have a captivating learning experience with us so that you can find joy in learning.

What’s Gamification about?

Gamification refers to the use of game-like scenarios in non-game settings, just like your studies, to drive action and engagement. Don’t we need that little push every now and then when we hit the textbooks and notes?

Don’t worry! We’re not going to make you play a game just to learn economics or math. That’s just going to take up more of your time, right? While you watch and learn from our video lectures and exam solutions, engage with us by liking and sharing our learning content, and help other students like yourself, you are already taking part in our Quickienomics gaming “Quests”!

By completing quests, you will be awarded with Quickienomics Badges! These badges come in 3 different rarities: Common badges, Uncommon badges, and Rare Badges! Remember Pokemon?

What’s the best part? Some rare badges can be exchanged for REAL prizes. Like an iPad!

Let us introduce 5 types of Quests you will be embarking on: Lecture Quests, Exams Quests, Social Quests, Shopping Quests, and Leaderboard Quests.

Within each Quest, you will face Challenges to overcome before earning Quickienomics Badges!

In our following press releases, we will be sharing more details about each Quest and their Challenges!

At Quickienomics, we believe that learning can be a fun and exciting journey for UOL students all around the world. We want to achieve this with an engaging and well-designed platform.

Do not wait any longer! Join us as a Pioneer User now to get 40% off your first purchase of 30 QuickieDollars, which you can use to redeem the video lectures and exam solutions, and participate in the Quickienomics Gamification Experience!

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