Important News for all Quickienomics users:

Dear all,


This is a key period for all of you preparing for the finals coming up in May. I certainly hope that Quickienomics has been of great help and motivation to you.


A very small team works hard to build Quickienomics and we are entering a phase of expansion. As a result, we have to do something about how we answer queries on, YouTube, and private messages via Facebook and Email. We sincerely apologize if your questions have not been answered.


With that, a solution would involve all of your help. If you have questions with regards TO ANY UNIT in UOL at all, not just Intro to Econs, please post your questions on the Facebook Quickienomics page such that not only we can see it, other users would be able to see it as well and I ask that we all help contribute to the Quickienomics society by lending a helping hand if you could.


One of the best ways we learn at Quickienomics is by teaching and sharing the knowledge and information we have. Therefore, we encourage you to do so with us.


I would suggest asking questions on the Quickienomics Facebook timeline in the following format:

“Unit: Intro to Econs (Or any other unit for that matter)

Chapter/Topic: Consumer Theory (If applicable)

Question: Your question here.


Thank you in advanced!”


On behalf of Quickienomics, I would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and I promise you that Quickienomics’ expansion will be a successful one, having all of you as our pioneering supporters to credit.


Kindest Regards,

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