Incubated under the Angel's Wings

Incubated under the Angel’s Wings

Present at the startup boot camp’s pitching finale was Angel’s Gate Advisory (AGA), an early-stage startup incubator spin-off from the successful local reality TV show, Angel’s Gate, featuring entrepreneurs attempting to raise capital from wealthy angel investors. Gerald and Jerry were really excited to meet them. They have really cool looking name cards, by the way.

After much discussion on a separate meeting, the duo managed to get AGA to agree to incubate Quickienomics and work towards raising funding for the startup and getting the product, Fydback, off the ground. Gerald and Jerry are extremely grateful and excited to work with AGA’s mentors and advisors. The networking opportunities to meet with new and awesome people is something that the team cherishes dearly.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger would put it, we cannot climb the ladder of success with our hands in our pockets. Team Quickienomics has certainly received much help from fellow entrepreneurs, investors, family, friends, acquaintances, and, of course, their customers. Quickienomics remains committed to accomplishing its mission of creating great technology products to serve the stakeholders in the education industry. While the team works hard through the short run, they eagerly look forward to the future where they can give back to the entrepreneurship society in their own ways.

To make the best off the incubation program with AGA, Quickienomics would be shifting its head office location to AGA’s co-working space at Block 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent, a Singapore startup launch pad with a vibrant entrepreneur community. This is exciting because of the close proximity with other awesome entrepreneurs that the duo and interact with and learn from.

For now, it’s off to refining the product and business model for Team Quickienomics. Stay tuned for the next entrepreneurship update – hiring our first mobile developer.

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