Introduction to Economics

Over the years, University of London’s School of Economics has been well-known for providing one of the best degrees in the world for economics and their standards, unsurprisingly, has been high and well maintained!

Many students pursuing a degree with UOL outside of London find the compulsory foundation unit, Introduction to Economics, a very challenging one!

The unit has been divided into 3 parts, The Study of Economics, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, which can be accessed from the drop-down menu under Introduction to Economics. These parts will contain all materials relevant to the syllabus itself.

The chapters will be broken down into parts and there will be a short summary and write up of the topic, a mindmap to assist in revision as well as sample examination questions walkthroughs at the end of each chapter.

It will be useful to read the Introduction to Economics Subject Guide that has been provided by UOL. Some lecturers use graph notations which are different from the subject guide and the examiner is able to identify whether you have read the guide by looking at the notations used in your answers. Besides giving you a better understanding of the unit, you have an advantage in terms of your answer presentation.

We are doing our best to ensure that our learning materials are concise and up to date. If you have any queries or feedback, please email us at and we will work hard to respond accordingly.

Once again, thank you for your support and here’s wishing you all the best in your studies!