Pitching Fydback – The Micro-Updating App for Teachers to Parents

Pitching Fydback – The Micro-Updating App for Teachers to Parents

2 months ago, Team Quickienomics signed up for a startup boot camp organized and facilitated by a reputable Singapore Technology Incubation Scheme incubator in Singapore. The finale of the boot camp was an exciting pitching session with a panel of venture capitalists and angel investors. Gerald and Jerry spent weeks on creating concise but beautiful presentation slides and working out a script that would keep them within the time limit of 6 minutes.

They initially wondered how it was possible to present 12 major slides in less than 6 minutes. These weren’t any simple 12 slides. To make things challenging, the teams were not allowed to exceed the 12-slide limit, which meant they had to find ways to squeeze what you would typically put in a section of a full business plan into a single PowerPoint slide. Some of the slides were market needs (imaging presenting the problem, solution, and unique value proposition in one single slide to an audience who has never heard of you), competitive analysis (try squeezing your competition matrix and features comparison table into one slide), and financial statements (financial projects, expenses breakdown, cash balance in tables and graphs in one page? No problem!).

Nonetheless, it was an extremely fruitful learning opportunity for Gerald and Jerry. The team benefited from this because it was like an exercise to make them think about their venture from every angle possible. It was useful for Gerald to think about the business strategy and churn out the financial numbers. Jerry had to think deeper about the development of Fydback and become very meticulous about the production timeline.

One of the interesting things they learned is about presenting the team. In the startup world, unless you’re a technical co-founder, most people don’t really care about what degree you hold. So, presenting accolades at school wasn’t going to be a very good idea. Gerald and Jerry only had a single line about what they last did in school. i.e. BSc in Econs & Mgmt., Uni. of London Intl. Prog., First-class Honors. What was key to investors and future partners seems to be the track record the founding team has accumulated individually or together. They wanted to know how you’ve been getting the experience required for you to perform your entrepreneurial role, whether it’s CEO, COO, or CTO. So, Gerald shared about his sales performance and partnership deals at a startup to exemplify his strengths in sales and marketing. Jerry mentioned about this years of experience in calibration firm and how he acquired skills in HR allocation, management, budgeting, CRM, and user experience optimization. To illustrate our synergies due to complete front and back end coverage of managing the business, the team showed how Quickienomics was started by the duo. They also took some time to introduce their new hire, a mobile platform engineer. This slide took them 60 seconds.

The day before the pitch, Gerald decided to create some appendix slides at the back of the 12 slides. He inserted pictures and use-cases to illustrate how Fydback would work in real life. This was where his photoshop skills came in handy. Somehow, the duo had a feeling that the investors were going to ask if there are mockups on Fydback because 6 minutes is just too short of a time to introduce the concept fully. Fortunately, the first question during the Q&A session was, “Do you have a mockup of the mobile app?” The team then transited to the appendix slides.


At the end of, what the duo would call, a really fun and exciting pitch, they received positive feedback on Fydback and our presentation from boot camp mates and investors of the panel. They were delighted at the response and the follow-up actions they could work on.

Team Quickienomics wouldn’t have been able to deliver a proper pitch without the help of their mentor, Charlie Ill, coaches, Anuj JN and Christian Halberg, and boot camp mates turned buddies like Joel Leong and Melvin Tiong from Haystakt.com (The world’s first crowd-pricing platform that helps makers commercialize their creative products at crowd-determined prices. It’s a really awesome concept), and Tiffany Chia and Serene Quek from OhMyEvent.sg (A platform for local merchants and venue owners to gain additional exposure. Launching soon!)

The next few weeks will be interesting for Team Quickienomics. Stay tuned for more stories on their entrepreneurial journey.

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