Quickienomics’ first year was an exciting one!

Dear valued subscribers and viewers,

While you are in the midst of preparing yourselves for a challenging exam, I would like to wish all of you the best of luck. It has been an honor for Quickienomics to have this opportunity to fight along side with you in tackling the tough unit, Intro to Econs. I can safely say that I can confidence in you that will achieve what you want if you make it an absolute must to take decisive actions on those goals.

Exactly a year ago, I found Quickienomics in my own bedroom and I must say that I am surprised it managed to operate for a year now. However, I fully understand that it was really because of YOU, viewers and subscribers from Singapore and other parts of the world, who helped Quickienomics reach where it is today. Without you, there would be no viewership, no sponsors and no workshops, where I realize my dreams of motivating those around me.

The journey for Quickienomics is still a long one but I would like you to know that each and every one of you made the journey for the past year a pleasant one. Without your constructive feedback and fruitful discussion on the topics and videos, Quickienomics would not be able to ensure that our videos and materials can help students effectively.

With that, on behalf of the very few people that work for Quickienomics, I thank you for your priceless support and I hope you continue to keep in touch with us because there is more in store for you even after you complete the course of Intro to Econs. Stay tuned!


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  1. Romona says:

    Congrats! It has certainly been a great resource for me!!!!