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Hey awesome peeps!

I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this but I would like to thank all of you for supporting Quickienomics till this day. Without you, we probably wouldn’t have lasted for 2 years and counting! We would probably crash and die… seriously..

The objective of my first blog post is pretty simple: I would like to share the good news about the up and coming Quickienomics Version 2.0.

To begin with a brief history of Quickienomics, it started with this crazy idea to help UOL students with the annoying unit, Introduction to Economics. There were just too many people complaining about this unit and most of them heard rumors that the failure rate for Intro to Econs was ridiculously high at 60%. The crappy thing about this is that it makes economics sound so intimidating to UOL students around the world.

Furthermore, UOL students face one of the most challenging syllabuses in the world, apart from Intro to Econs. There can be more than one textbook per unit. There is also limited guidance for students since we gotta do self-study. Even if there are lecturers, you probably spend more time waiting to seek consultation than having consultation itself.

So we realized that this sucks, so we created some video tutorials to teach Intro to Econs in a way that it would be simple for you to understand. Somehow, we found that our way of explaining stuff effective in helping students learn. Trust me, we spent hours and hours teaching our peers personally before we found a way to capture all the value into videos and upload them onto YouTube. Thank God for awesome technology, man. I guess you might have watched some of the videos on our YouTube channel or on Quickienomics.com itself.

I appreciate the awesome feedback that you guys have given us. And by accumulating all these awesome feedback, we’ve managed to developed a totally new way of creating learning materials for UOL students. And that brings me to conception of Quickienomics Version 2.0.

Quickienomics Version 2.0 uses Real-Time Mind Mapping. Right in front of your eyes, you will see a colorful mind map develop with all the vital concepts you need for your studies. Mind maps are an awesome way to learn and remember things, right? But imagine the freakin’ long hours you gotta put in to create your own mind maps. We’ve asked our buddies and they told us, to summarize a chapter into a mind map would probably take 3 hours or even more!

With the new teaching methodologies Quickienomics has developed, you won’t have to spend loads of time creating your own mind maps. With our Real-Time Mind Mapping captured in a simple video, you will be able to see how the irritating little concepts link up to form the important “big picture” of what you’re actually studying.

And the best part of this is videos will not go beyond 35 minutes. Well, we used to be restless students so we understand how crappy it is to sit through a 3 hour lecture. And yes, we will be creating videos for other units, besides Intro to Econs, as well! You know what, just watch a this video, which we have painstakingly made to show you what our new and kickass version is like:

QuickieDollars are credits that you can purchase on our online store to redeem the new video lectures and in the near near future, exam solutions.

To be awesome, share with us your Name and your Email Address! Then, we’ll send you an email with a coupon code straight away when the all-new Quickienomics is alpha-launched in Mid-October. You’re gonna see (another) spanking, new website!

Don’t forget to check out our next post, where we’re gonna share more about our alpha-launch*!

*An alpha-launch is basically a special launch catered to our awesome and early adopters of Quickienomics Version 2.0. We will deeply, deeply appreciate your feedback about the new videos and website so that we can make the necessary improvements to give you an amazing online learning experience! So, help us out yea!? Let us know what you think after using the new Quickienomics.

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