With upgraded video lectures, exam solutions and peer tutoring supported by a NEW online platform, QuickiePlace™, to incorporate Gamification and build a community for the students, Quickienomics™ Version 2.0 is going to be BIGGER AND BETTER for UOL students!

Registration for the Pioneer User Program has closed! We thank all of our registrants for the overwhelming response. You people are AWESOME! Stay tuned to Quickienomics.com for the Alpha-Launch coming on 1st November!

[learn_more caption=”What’s New in Ver 2.0″]

Real Time Mindmapping:
We’ve made our video lectures EVEN SIMPLIER TO UNDERSTAND as you see how concepts are explained using mindmaps which are developed in a radial form (exactly how a human brain thinks) right in front of your eyes!

More units and exam solutions:
We will be building up on our collection video content for lectures and exams solutions. Expect more foundation and further units!

Flexibility with QuickieDollars™:
With QuickieDollars™, you can redeem videos lectures and exam solutions to suit your learning needs!

Earn Badges as you Progress and Help:
We know a little reward goes a long way. While you hack away at studying online with Quickienomics™, win badges by completing chapters and units! Are you someone who loves to help? Answer queries on the video discussion board and if your reply gets likes, we want to reward you! Who knows? Your virtual rewards might turn into real ones… 😉

The new platform allows for an Activity Feed, where you can get updated on new learning materials based on your specific UOL units! Be alerted of your progress towards winning certain badges! Checkout how your friends are doing in the Local and Global Leaderboards!

Study Anytime, Anywhere:
As QuickiePlace™ is mobile friendly, you can access our content even on your mobile phones and tablet devices!