So, what’s the big deal about the PRELIMS?

The prelims are just around the corner and I think the Intro to Econs paper is on the 27th of February. That’s a pretty short time from now; at the point of writing, think it’s about 21 days? But what’s the BIG DEAL anyways? It’s not event counted into our final score! Why should we even bother stressing ourselves out, rushing to squeeze all those concepts into our heads in this short amount of time? We should just step into the prelims hall and give the examiner whatever we know. Or how about we just don’t go for the prelims at all!? In that way, we can save more time to study for the finals! Awesome idea right!?

Actually, nobody can blame you if you agree with whatever that’s mentioned above. I’m pretty relieved to know that majority of the students I interact with DO NOT think that way. We have a pretty driven and “worried”(Read: zealous) bunch of students around here, especially the ones that visit And I hope that our website has managed to help you in the course of studying Intro to Econs.

Although it doesn’t count, it’s crucial for you to take the prelims for a few reasons:

1. A gauge of your current level of examination skills and confidence

Tackling a tough exam isn’t just about being proficient with the concepts and theories. It’s about time management and stamina. Are you able to sit through a 3 hour paper without letting fatigue take over? Are you able to allocate your time to questions efficiently? Are you able to perform at crunch time? Are you able to take the stress?

2. It’s a good way to “demoralize” yourself

Trust me, the examiners are going to be MERCILESS. They are going to pick your answer apart and penalize you for the slightest of mistakes. You can submit that test script with loads of confidence but only to come crashing down the day you receive your prelim results. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE IT TOO HARD! Take it hard enough that it’ll motivate you to work even harder. Some people actually gave up after seeing their prelim results, which is a huge pity. Please don’t do that. You only fail when you have given up. So that’s why the prelims is a good way to “demoralize” yourself; a huge wake up call. It’s better to wake up now then on the actual exam day itself! Anyways, I’m pretty sure the prelims paper will shock you in a way or 2. However, if you see opportunity in every adversity, this prelims will serve you well.

3. You’re gonna have an excuse to enjoy yourself after the last prelim paper.

ONLY FOR A DAY OR TWO! Some of you can party for weeks! After the prelims, its about 2 to 3 more months and we’re FREE! Look forward to delayed self-gratification guys. But for now, give yourself a day’s break after the last paper. Get a drink or play some sports or something. If you play basketball, be sure to email me at I’ll join you if I ain’t busy. 🙂 I need a break too!


Well, that’s what I personally feel about the prelims, an OPPORTUNITY to improve. Alright, it’s back to studying for now. I shall see you guys at the TOP!







Yours sincerely,





PS: I might be pausing the email consultations for a while. Ask while you can! 🙂

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  1. edmund says:

    wow i agree with whatever that you have mentioned above(less the discouraging sentences on the first paragraph)! in fact, the 3 points mentioned above are EXACTLY what i am thinking! great mind thinks alike? lol. point 1 and 2 works kinda together, i wanted to know how well i fare and how shitty my results is to push me to get even better grades for the final exams. but of cos! im gonna really play out myself after the last prelim paper. yea only for 1-3 days at most! and after that i gonna prep myself for the final war at may.

    thank you Quickienomics for the video lessons so far, i’ve watch almost all of them, 95% i think? lol. it did lots of help in chapters like market structures and macroecons’ chapters. on my part i actually recorded econs tutorial lessons in audio format so i can replay and replay what i have missed out. econs cannot be mastered without any practice and understanding man seriously.

    hope everybody is prep-ping well enough for the upcoming exams and yes thank you Quickienomics once again! cheers! good luck for your upcoming exams too!

    • Quickienomics says:

      Hi Edmund!

      Thank you so much for your awesome comments! I’m really glad that I can help and I hope you managed to benefit from using the materials on It has really been a pleasure working with viewers like yourself.

      And yes, let’s work hard together and beat the exams to the ground! All the best Edmund!


  2. M says:

    Are u guys going to have any free workshop for macro upcoming?

  3. Clair says:

    i loved your intention to help people by writing these posts, thanks for it.