Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap of Faith

Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap of Faith

Just 30 days ago, Gerald and Jerry took a leap of faith and tendered their resignation to jobs that gave them stability. It was 1st July 2014 and the duo started moving items over to their second home for the next few years – Republic Polytechnic(RP). It was really fortunate that Jerry, as an alumni of RP, managed to get the team free office space to save themselves lives from crazy rent.

Time started ticking when the team began living off their life savings. There was no intention to pay themselves for the first 2 quarters and probably just a small allowance after that. It was key for them to keep the company afloat for the short run before investment money came in. Fortunately, their hard work on the e-Learning platform to serve University of London students paid off as they had sufficient cash to begin hiring developers for their up and coming project, Fydback. Fydback is a teacher-parent micro-updating app that makes a teacher’s job easier. The duo has to move fast and generate revenue from Fydback before running out of cash.

While pursuing the team’s dreams on a full-time basis was a scary experience, it was also an exciting one as well. Previously, Gerald and Jerry spent 13 months working 2 jobs, which was really exhausting. They worked on weekends and rarely had more than 6 hours of sleep each day. Gerald recalled spending only 1 day over the past year without work in his schedule. Having the opportunity to work on Quickienomics full-time is a blessing because of the focus and concentration of all their efforts in making the startup a success.

Were there any justifications on taking the big leap of leaving their full time jobs? Yes.

Gerald was ready to lead the startup after spending 13 months working for PayWhere Pte Ltd, an eCommerce enabler startup. He’s been through 2 entrepreneurship courses and has been networking diligently, learning as much as he could during the process. Jerry has attended an entrepreneurship course with Gerald and has spent many nights studying the lean methodology. His work experience has equipped him operational and management skills required of him as COO at Quickienomics. Truly, Gerald’s sales and marketing skills complement Jerry’s operational and management skills because of complete front to back end coverage of corporate responsibilities.

Besides the skills the duo acquired, much to the thanks of many peers and colleagues, Gerald and Jerry also gained the confidence to take the leap because of interviews with prospects of Fydback. They spent nights after their regular working hours to meet with teachers and parents to understand their workflow in managing their children’s education. The duo has always believe that entrepreneurship is about solving problems that people cannot solve now and eventually making the world a better place to live.

Now that the team has got their hypothesized problems validated by early prospects, it is now time for them hire mobile developers and get a prototype pushed out for teachers and parents to use.

Gerald and Jerry is going to do whatever it takes to make this a success. The true joy of entrepreneurship is making a difference in people’s lives, both employees and customers. There is no substitute to the rewarding feeling of seeing a customer have their lives made better or an employee given a platform to become the best at what he/she does.

“… you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carrey

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