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I absolutely need to thank you for my pass in Economics. 6 weeks before the exam I was lost without being able to do any exam papers or exercises without looking at the answers and didn’t know what I was going to do. I considered leaving Economics aside to give full dedication in revising the other subjects I wanted to sit. I saw one of your videos and gave it my last shot. I purchased credits and spent endless nights watching, taking notes, rewatching taking more notes and doing the subject guide exercises…. And I PASSED!! Not only Economics but I managed all four subjects (with a job and a child it is a big feat for me). Thanks Quickenomics… And to all students: If you are taking this subject do not hesitate…. Fork out for enough credit for all the videos. Specially if you are studying without the help from an institution. Go for it. It will save you a lot of worries and you will understand the awfully written subject guide. – Vanessa Aruna Daswani

The study of Introduction to Economics did not go well until I watched the first video from Quickienomics. I could not really understand the chapter even after a few times reading. I then adjusted my strategy. I watched the video before I read the study guide. It saved much of my study time. Additionally, I copied the mind maps from the videos by myself (not just downloaded from the website, if they are available). I would not copy them without thinking about them. I would not copy them without understanding them. And with the practice of past paper questions, I successfully got a first class result. So, I would recommend Quickienomics to all UoL students. Last but not least, thank you very much Quickienomics and the team 🙂 🙂 🙂 – Carman Kwok

Really enjoyed watching your videos. You made me understand the concepts a lot clearer now. Can’t wait for the new stuff coming up 🙂 – Fionapeh1

Nice video, quick and easy – OVO s

This was extremely helpful! Thank you! – Evan A

Oh my god, I seriously love you! Clear explanation! Lecturer in singapore? – Allan Teh
I will be presenting my report tomorrow about this topic and I thank you a LOT for this. You’re a life saver! – Timdella92

Hi Quickienomics! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Great videos and I understand most of the thoeries and graphs through these videos. Can I request you
for a video explaining on Hicksian and Slutskian theory? – Christina Ng

If you wrote a concise textbook to supplement a certain (ahem – a poorly-written) subject guide, I would buy it. – iSk00L

Thankyou so much! Are you from singapore? I am, and I’m studying in australia and thanks to you, I can ace my test next week 🙂 – candyrainzz

Tan must be a lucky guy. Everyday i see him he plays with models…. haha – midgetman8888

Nice. 1st year student studying in UOL. You had helped me prep well before the course even started. Of course i read the 1st 2 chapters of subject guides
too. Looking forward for more videos on EC1002^^ cheers – haloapa

Thumbs up! Its so much in detail! 😀 – megs2710able

Hey i just wanted to thank you, i followed your vidoes for three months and managed to pass with a merit! Kudos man, love your work! Thanks a lot 🙂 – mutz9895

This guy is smart! I loved your explanation! Thank you so much! – buellerferris

Thanks alot from Germany 🙂 – HussamHat

I owe you my exam result.. this helped so much! My lecturer just sucks at explaining. Thank you so much – deenacolada

You were awesome! This was fun to watch – ghettsabz

I have to do a module on economics at uni but we don’t really get along. Your accent makes everything so much more interesting. Cheers dude. – Orenji902

awesome moment when you hear a Singaporean voice! – Sandy Han

thank you so much!!! i have a final next wed, u just saved my life!!!! – Theresa Kung

Thanks for the lecture it helped a LOT!!! BTW: Walloon? – schlirf

Even though you were sick, you explained it alot better than my professor could ever do. Thank you! – HadalMusic

this video is great!! thank you so much! small doubt, is the level of output where AC curves are at the minimum the only optimal point of production? –
Shreya De Silva

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! This helped me a loootttt, your explanations are crystal clear thank you thank you ! – Shreya De Silva

Im preparing for exams and i was doing a question about deriving an individual’s demand curve using indifference curves and the budget constraint. THis
video was perfect and helpful thank you very much!! – Koushick Talukdar

Thanks man! youre better than my lecturer – sami mahfouz

You are amazing, these videos are so helpful! Thank You^^ – kym224

Omg this is too awesome. Doing last minute study for 2nd may UOL paper and dude u r a life saver! – Mel T

Thank you so much !! Youre my life saver !! – Lelan Cookie

This tutorial really helped me..thanks a lot 🙂 – vijirox

you rock! 🙂 – Kamran Lahore

thanks very much for the quick enlightenment quicknomics. – Raymond Nachilobe

You are super duper 🙂 Thankyou! – Oshinie Jayawardana

Thanks for the vid. Great job seriously. – Tan Zhi Hui

Thanks a lot for this tutorial. – manirafasha raul justin

Just brilliant, Thanks a lot – HH. WA

helped alot thanks – pache22222

You are the BEST!!!!!!! f******** king – HH. WA
Hello there! 🙂
I got your video link through my friend and i think it is really awesome & clear because im really struggling with my economics right now, when exams
are only a week away!I’ll definitely provide more comments/reviews if theres a need! hehe. THANKS ALOT! – ctnhuda

Hi, I just finished watch some of your videos on YouTube and have to say I was highly impressed. I did notice that you weren’t getting many views. I just don’t understand it, I mean your videos are much better than most of the crap on there. They were completely enjoyable to watch (much more so than many videos on the site). It is so odd that people would rather watch the same old boring crap, when there is new and original stuff like yours out there. – Bailey7483

Well Hey!
I just finished watching one your videos, just wanted to take a minute to let you know I thought it was great! When I was looking through your videos I couldn’t help noticing that not many people are watching them. Honestly, you have some of the best videos on YouTube. Can’t believe more people haven’t found them. Your videos are so much more entertaining that most of crap you find on some people’s channels, thanks a ton for that! – acevup

You are a genius!! I just had my revision lectures with Amos and it was so demoralising. I like your videos, short and sweet. Just wondering, with less than a month to exams. How to prepare for econs seeing that i didn’t touch the subject guide. Im from LCC class btw. – ywouldudotat

thank u so much i have an exam on thurs and u helped me learn this keep it up. – haseeb07able

great! thank you a lot! – germanR3vael

these are some really great videos keep up the good work. – raz080881

awesome videos man, well done! I liked your scenario in the externality vid – GundamFreedomz

Tomorrow is Econs. Thanks so much, this is great in aiding revision! Awesome man! Thanks! – Joybearer

This is really so sweet of you! MUCH appreciated! cuz UOL economics is really difficult…plus the study guide is a little difficult to understand! and as
i have no teachers to help me, i am all confused about how to pass my exam…your site is helping me a lot – osamasabri12

i have an exam in two days! for the univ of london external course! your videos are helping me so much! i am so worried! thanksss! – osamasabri12

hey great job man! you’re really helping me out! Mark Harris will be proud! – wjshady

ohhh yes, awesome! 🙂 oh i’m taking it this year too! hahaha. – ctnhuda

I was reading Amos’s examination commentaries and they were shitty. You made me understand Nash equilibrium in 15 mins. – sebzygoh

Fantastic! – markmkruger

Thank you very much, that’s true, your video is very great and very informative. I had difficulties understand the whole concept and now i understand all
the different curves. Thank you 🙂 – illyounn

This was very well explained and informative. Keep up the good work! – texymex1

Awesome tutorial videos! Really reinforce what manfred and chin choo taught 🙂 – brandonsimjl

thnx..it really helps 🙂 – honey6790

Thanks it was really helpful. – Romeodxb

Thankyou very much – StrikeShot101


Thank god for Quickienomics! Excellent materials. – tayeggjuice

man, you just saved my ass!! keep it up dude!! i am so gonna subscribe to your channel! =D – cslee91teehee

Please !!! you really have to put up more videos!! very good !! Can really understand very clearly!! – Guanist84

Im very happy you put this up!!!!!!!!!!! life saver mann!! – Guanist84

awesome vid thanks a mil 🙂 – EminentlH

GOD BLESS YOU! (T__T) you helped me so much 🙂 – SEEK0HELP0HERE

Very concise examples and explanations! It took me 2 hours to digest the topic in my textbook but only 6 minutes with this video presentation. Brilliant!
Thank you quickienomics. – tayeggjuice

Clear and awesome explanation. save me hours of self read/digesting. Thx – pastPres3nt

Seen your website. Very well done. You have great potential. =) – bpwong85

Hi thanks a lot!!! Really benefited from the video! 😀 The UOL subject guide hasn’t got much about income in kind so I decided to google it on my own and I found this!! – justanothervid

Great help. Thanks for posting! – shamelesshussy

Today is my exam and I have some contents that I don’t understand.. Thanks for helping me from darkness! – CawaiiKoizora

From having no idea how to do my tutoritals to actually knowing how to do half the qns. Quickienomics is pure magic 🙂 Please keep up the good work! – TheDiscolowe

it’s really helpful. Thanks. You will be a great Economic professor, if you like to be. Please post more of micro and macro economic materials. – biopsydancer

Thankyou! You’re awesome for being so helpful! 😀 Really appreciate all your effort! Continue doing what you are doing! 😀 – kxlaces

nice explanations and modelling…two thumbs up… – darkganja

nice explanation, you explained better than NTU professors – zDonFrank


Hi, I have been using your lectures on youtube because I find them more easy to understand. – yersago

Thank you for the detailed explanation! – tayeggjuice

hi..good work – okgoimhere

I am very thankful to you because I was able to deliver my report efficiently in the class. Before I watched your video, I was very bothered because I
don’t even understand the concept of this. I owe my grades to you. You Rock! – timdella92

I can fap to this. – moviehouse14

In quickienomics we trust! – tayeggjuice

Nicely done! 🙂 – flalberto

you, kind sir, are a genious. – osiris89

Economics is real easy once you understand. Great videos, great mind maps, great website. Well done QUICKIENOMICS! you awesome! – ObeeeDingolala

You are SO awesome!!! I really liked how you did this; it made it a lot easier to understand for my micro exam. I think I have a nerd crush on you. 🙂 –

thanks so much for your videos. really helpful. – Romeodxb

Brilliant ! thank you! – ObeeeDingolala

Thank you so much for your time in creating these videos. The videos are clear and concise. Adding much value to the syllabus. It enables the student at
UOL to grasp professor Witztum’s notes more comprehensively! – ObeeeDingolala

AWESOME!!! – leonardordel92

Hi.. Im from SIM-UOL too and i really like your videos as it helps me alot.. It always serve as a reminder for me whenever i forgot some of the concepts..
Thank you very much.. – engghee

Thank you so much for your videos! Was having a hard time revising on micro as it was completed months ago. With your video, I recalled all my concepts and
clarified my doubts really fast! Really grateful for you and your channel 🙂 you have no idea how they saved me from giving up! – iceingz

Great Job! I’m a UOL student from Pakistan and these videos have been extremely helpful in improving my understanding! Thank you and keep up the good work!

My economics hero…. dan dan na na na na – ObeeeDingolala

Glad to say I have completed Micro-economics with you from beginning to end. I have enjoyed your tutorial videos! 95% informative 98% clear and concise.
Overall BRILLIANT! Thank you. – ObeeeDingolala

Thank you so much. I wonder what shall I do without your videos. Thanks once again. – Romeodxb

you are a life saver – enriquebaclay

Thank you so much, I have a test in microeconomics on friday and you just helped me alot. – Liban2na

Thank you very much. I hope you use this talent of yours and continue enriching people with economics knowledge! =) – skatery3a90

u are great, appreciate ur videos, short and straight to the point. better than any lecturer i hv ever had. – Ms951753able

This video was a certain necessity, it has made my life easy! NX has been bugging me since last few weeks! Thanks a million !! 😀 😀 – sjrr2

Good Work…. you are a great teacher … keep up the great work and please revise some topics like slutsky and hicksien – evilbeauty2008

I loved how to explained things. This really helped me in understanding the ppf. Thanks again – TheDownload007

loove your videos!!!!! I’m gonna ace my exam cos of you!! thank youu! – xthatcostsmoneyx

Wonderful. Thanks so much for the video. – potonatic

Thank you so much for making the economics videos 😀 😀 please dont stop making them ! – annie thai

Thank you. I spent almost a whole day wondering about this and what a blessing that i found this video. Thank u and ur friend ! – 22julio777

This is really good. – STanger88

Thanks so much, really helped. – Romeodxb

“Some people are also reminded of their grandmothers face” HAHAAH ! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING MY LIFE MUCH MORE EASIER WITH THESE VIDEOS ! and making
them hilarious at the same time ! you are way better than my teacher ! once again thank you ! – amazinglyweird09

This tutorial on the IS model was absolutely amazing!! Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the mathematical derivation, it helped alot. –

these are the greatest videos out there, I so wish I had found them before!!! – fazekaslaszlo

You are doing a much better job than the UoL! – fazekaslaszlo

believe me you are genious! i could not understand this like a month! why people make everything so complecated – lord23v

simple yet effective explanation and as well sticking to the basics..good job – riteatt

You make it sound so simple! Haha thanks, like your accent =)) – royaltyhotness

Thank you so much for explaining this in a so much simpler way then what my lecturer has taught me at the University. – VibesCooler

Thanks quickienomics, with your help, I’ve been able to get through my intro to econs paper! Would be awesome if you could cover Microeconomics as well! –

Thanks it was very helpfull! – ironfistaman

thanks alot for your hardwork and best of all,making the videos free for all. i am a year1 currently studying chap 3, already it helped me so much!! once
again, awesome videos and thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. – 123admini2r

I actually put your videos into a playlist for my revisions 😀 – imabornfreak

You’re a great teacher. Thanks. – jadedconformist

I love you! Thanks for the amazingly easy to follow explanations:)) – Tara01091990

Great video :)made me giggle with “what happens, when something happens” 🙂 Exam today! wish me luck – cherrycola0

i’ve watched alot of economic-related videos, but i understand your explanation. and it helps alot ! thanks ! – edylalaa00

Finally!!!!! Thanks for the upload, i was waiting for it.. Keep the good work on:D..(y) – Paragbhatia67

Haha! This is brilliant aboslutely makes sense! – dhrishtitailor

pure genius! thanks! – Angelia Ongko

great video, and all the graphs and curves you describe are clear and explanations are easy to comprehend, thank you. I like it when people use secants,
derivatives, calculus and geometry to explain different phenomena. Keep doing that) – waser94

BEST TUTORIAL EVER. thank you so much! – ramenx2

great videos 🙂 thx for putting them out. – ThaBelgica

tks….it really helps – winny lo

most enthusiastic professor of economics – The3nlightened0ne

You’re awesome! Next week’s exam will be fine! – Ani Harutyunyan