Textbooks too expensive???

Yea we might have our students’ discounts at the bookshops at our school but still, it will we cost us a bomb to buy the entire year’s required reading texts and after we score our A’s, we might never have to use them again and finding a buyer is a really tough job!

So here’s a little free advertising for those peeps over at www.betterworldbooks.com as they are a great source of second hand textbooks.

Their website site is very user friendly and it is easy to search for the books we want. So what you can do is to go to your UOL subject guides and look for the recommended textbooks. Then copy the IBSN number and search for it at www.betterworldbooks.com. Here’s what the number should look like:

Then just search for the book at the website:

All you need is just a Mastercard/Visa to pay for the book and they will take about 3 to 4 weeks to deliver the books to you. There’s even a description about the book quality and you can choose from second-hand to new books!

Here’s some pictures of my recent purchase!

I highly recommend getting the textbooks because they really give you a good insight about whatever you are studying. They always come with very relevant and easy to understand examples. Reading might be a chore but if you learn how to power read, you will be able to finish a chapter in no time! Take note of the key words. 80% of the words in textbooks are usually meaningless in a sense that they are just used to connect other words together. These words are words like “there, if, is, in, the, those, because, etc”. The keywords make up about 20% of the textbook so just pay attention to these words. Use a pencil to pace your eyes so that you can read a little faster.

Enjoy studying!

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