The Empowering Intro-Econs Workshop: Micro-Econs was a BLAST!

Dear Valued Viewers, Subscribers and Friends,

Today was an extremely fruitful day as Quickienomics has successful ran its first ever EMPOWERING INTRO-ECONS WORKSHOP! Although we were feeling a little worn out from the EIGHT HOUR WORKSHOP, it was rewarding to know that we ended it on a high note! Reading all the positive and constructive feedback is definitely a motivation to us!

But I must say that the success of the workshop wouldn’t happen without all the awesome people that attended it today. You were an excellent audience and I truly enjoyed working with every single one of you. You asked very intelligent questions and I really appreciate the support that you have given me.

With that, I present to you the first batch of the Quickienomics Circle!

As members of the Quickienomics Circle, they get to interact with one another in academic discussion, sharing of opportunities, leveraging on one another’s success and basically empowering networking in general! They will also be the FIRST to know about any personal and professional development courses conducted by affiliates of Quickienomics in the near future! So, CONGRATULATIONS to BATCH ONE of the QUICKIENOMICS CIRCLE!

With that, I would like to show my sincere appreciation once more to all that have contributed to the success of today’s workshop. Besides the great participants that came today, a huge thank you is also given to the staff and friends over at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group for giving us a conducive learning environment.

Here’s wishing all of you the best of luck and I will see you at the top! (Luck = Opportunity + Action!)

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  1. chan says:

    hey so there wont be any macro workshop coming up? :(((((

  2. Josh says:

    Haha man I was secretly hoping for a macro one..