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Since we’re gonna be writing these press releases every now and then, it’ll be good for us to share with you our vision in creating the all new Quickienomics! And it starts with the simple problem of spending tooooo much time on our studies….

When we were still students, many of us had many different dreams. We’ve got friends who wanted to start their own cafe, some who wanted to climb the corporate ladder and be CEO in a large multinational corporation, some wanted to be fashion models, some wanted to be rockstars, some wanted to be pornstars (just kidding), you name it! What we realized was that our peers were spending way too much time on their studies. Then what happened? They forgot about their dreams!

Around the world, UOL undergraduates are spending hours and hours on their studies because the syllabus is so damn tough. We have a theory: Overachieving in one aspect of life is going to make you underachieve in another. After all, life is a balancing act, ain’t it? So while you’re spending 75% of your time on studying to achieve that certain grade, what’s gonna happen to life after graduation? Do you have time to develop the skills necessary for you to get that dream job or build the business of your dreams? Unfortunately, a lot of us do not.

Skills outside the academic world are the ones that propel you towards your dreams, even if your dream is to become a teacher because getting an A in math doesn’t mean you can teach math. So get out there and devote your hours into developing those skills. If you want to venture into your own business, you would be spending more time reading books on entrepreneurship and attending business conferences. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you would be out there networking and searching high and low for that suitable mentor. If you want to be a rockstar, you would be jamming it out in your home studio while disturbing your neighbours and parents. If you want to be pornstar, you would be…. okay nevermind…

And that’s why we created Quickienomics. We believe that true happiness lies in realizing ambitions and dreams. We create video lectures and exam solutions that are simple to understand, specific to UOL students’ needs and captivating, all in the name of making learning effective for you so that you can save time to work on your ambitions and dreams. Why spent hours reading confusing textbook materials while we summarize the key concepts for you?

Our goal is simple: Make you spend LESS time on your studies and still achieve your academic goals.

Set your academic goals, study with Quickienomics, then get your books out of the way and go work on your dreams! Believe us, realizing your dreams is the most satisfying feeling on the face of earth. Don’t believe me? Watch this snippet from the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Chris has been going homeless while taking care of his son to go on a no-salary internship to realize his dreams of being a stockbroker. And his wife left him too. Sucks right?

Well, yea we know… Hollywood makes everything dramatic but… I’m sure you get our point.

At Quickienomics, we’re working our butts off because we want to realize our dreams of helping you realize yours. And that’s why we focus on Learning made Easy.

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