VERY Important for ALL Quickienomics Subscribers

Dear subscribers,

The time has come for you to face the final exam of the challenging unit, Intro to Econs. You have worked extremely hard, cracked your head over various concepts and now’s the opportunity for you to show the people in London what you’re made off. I believe that we have spend many hours together, be it through my videos or workshop, and I wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you out there reading this right now.

Personally, I have given my best to you through my learning materials. If you found your learning experience with Quickienomics an effective and valuable one, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to strive towards the results you desire. If you think otherwise, please allow me to extend my sincere apologies. It will be beneficial for students in the future if you would give me some of your constructive feedback on how I can further improve Quickienomics. I have dedicated this effort to help as many of my peers as possible.

The purpose of this post is not to drop any exam tips or hints but instead, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your support. I believe that you have worked very hard to get where you are today. The outcome of the final exams are in our own hands. We must take full responsibility of our destiny. Leave fate for love.

If you eventually achieve what you want, credit yourself for it. Feel proud that you have accomplished your goal. If you performed otherwise, take full responsibility of it. Your outcome is solely determined by you. Not your friends, lecturer or the government. Only by taking full responsibility, you will have total control of any situation.

Allow me to share a special quote with you: blame is a way of discharging pain or discomfort. It does not solve the problem.

Some of you might have noticed that I have not been replying any comments or emails. The reason is due to my exam preparations. Like you, I strive for a specific level of success and I must make this happen for the people around me. If I have left you out, I sincerely apologize. Trust me, it was not intentional and I am terribly sorry. I seek for your understanding and I hope that what I have done so far has helped you.


With that, I wish you the best of luck. I bet some of you already know who I am so if you do see me around school or town, please do not hesitate to come up and say hi. I would love to meet the awesome bunch of people who helped me make Quickienomics a success. Thank you.



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  1. Tammy says:

    I just read your “Very important for quickieconomics subscriber”. Thanks for your encouragement. I have learnt a lot from your amazing videos. I will definielty join your workshop without doubt if I were stay in your country.

    Let us try our best to achieve our goal !

    Many thanks !