What does it mean by “a function of”?

Apparently, there has been some confusion over what it means by something being a function of something or the term f(x). Not to worry, we will clear that doubt today.

Assume that you’re now researching about the crime rate in Singapore. Okay, to be more specific, let’s talk about shop lifting and why one would attempt to shop lift. What are the driving factors for a person to shop lift here in Singapore? We could name a few: Family Background, Income, Education, and many other factors we can think of.

So, we have just mentioned that shop lifting is a function of family background, income and education.

SO, when we see f(x), that means something is a function of x. Your equation for a straight line is an example of this whole function thing because in y = mx + c (where m and c is a constant), y is a function of x.

Simply put, the value of y depends on the value of x.

It’s no different from the equation f(x) = mx + c (where m and c is a constant). So the value of f(x) depends on the value of x. If x = 2, we will write f(2) = 2m + c.

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