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Hi Awesome People!

At Quickienomics, we believe in consistently improving ourselves and our e-learning platform. So, we’ve added some new features to make studying with Quickienomics a little more awesome! Check out the 3 new features that we’ve just launched!

1. QuickieBadges

We know that studying can get a little boring at times. Besides creating fun and easy to understand video lessons, we want to make things interesting by rewarding you with awesome looking badges so that you can show off to your friends!


Lecture Quest (Intro to Econs) - 4 Market StructuresSocial Quest (Answers) - 3 Superstar Helper copy 3awesomespenderLecture Quest (Intro to Econs) - MacroeconomicsExam Quest (Intro to Econs) - 5 Exam Solution VideosSocial Quest (Likes) - 3 Hardcore Liker copy Social Quest (Shares) - 2 Awesome Sharer

Some of you might have already received emails saying that you’ve won some badges. If you did, great job!


Track your Progress
Winning badges involve performing certain tasks. Besides Liking and Sharing videos with your friends, completing chapters and units are part of them. The “My Badges” page shows your progress in unlocking all the different badges on Quickienomics.com. You now know how much you have accomplished in completing a chapter or unit!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 6.27.56 pmScreen Shot 2014-03-01 at 6.32.52 pm

Gain those Points
Winning badges also gives you Points, which are used to determine your ranking on the Quickienomics Leaderboard!

2. Quickienomics Leaderboard

Where do you stand on the leaderboard compared to your friends? Search for their Usernames to see their points!
Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 6.40.33 pm

Who can help you and who can you help?
Check out what badges your friends have won to find out who you can discuss a certain topic with that they also know. Notice that a friend of yours might be falling behind? Lend him/her a helping hand!

Who’s better, who’s best?
A little bit of friendly competition would go a long way for you and your friends!

3. Reporting a Technical Issue

Quickienomics wouldn’t be able to improve without feedback from the most important people – our users. Our team cannot be more grateful for your patience and understanding that new websites tend to have some little bugs we need to find before we can squash ’em!

To create a faster and higher priority channel of communication for users, we implemented a “Report Issue” box in each lesson page so that you can conveniently let us know of any technical difficulty you are facing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 6.44.19 pm

We hope you find these 3 new features useful to you! On behalf of Team Quickienomics, thank you so much for studying with Quickienomics and we wish you the very best in your studies!

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