Founded in April 2011, Quickienomics™ is an exclusive Online Tutor for students in the UNIVERSITY OF LONDON Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences (EMFSS) INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME.

We make our materials Simple to Understand, Specific to the Students’ Needs and Captivating so that you can learn effectively and save time to work on your ambitions and dreams.

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Dedicated to students of the University of London International Programme


Understand a 3-hour lecture in 30 minutes


“Rewinding” your lectures is now possible


We give you Joy in Learning and build Academic Confidence at the comfort of your own Relaxed Learning Environment


Wish you could “Pause” your lecturer? You can pause us!


Working on your dreams take time, that’s why we help you save on study time


Too much general and useless materials online? Get specific UOL IP supplementary learning materials with Quickienomics™