Wishing you the very Best

Wishing you the very Best

On behalf of Team Quickienomics, we would like to wish you the very best for your 2014 UOL Exam Results. We truly believe that you gave your absolute best for the exams in May. So, you’re gonna be fine.

It has been a great pleasure being part of your studies and we want to thank you so much for studying with Quickienomics!

It’ll be awesome if you guys could write Quickienomics a nice testimonial so that it’ll help us spread the word to more UOL students out there.

We’ll be waiting anxiously with you for the release of the results! 🙂

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  1. Elena says:

    Thanks for the wishes. It has been an utmost pleasure studying with you guys. Do you know by any chance when the results are released? I haven’t seen any announcement yet.